Palm readings by an expert in Maidstone

Palm readings can give you an insight into your future life and help you plan it accordingly. Contact Brenda Cottingham Psychic Medium for details.

Creating positivity

Most palm readers use only one hand for palm reading. However, I know that it is an incorrect technique, therefore I use both the hands for a thorough reading. The left hand shows the lines you are born with whereas the lines on the right hand keep changing throughout your life. They say a lot about your past, present and future life.

Many years of experience

Brenda Cottingham Psychic Medium has been offering spiritual medium, tarot card reading, palm reading for many years. I also hold regular clairvoyance evenings in Kent and the South of England. I also travel internationally to offer my services.

What you can expect?

  • Spiritual medium services
  • Tarot card reading
  • Palm reading
  • Crystal reading
  • Looking for a reputable palm reader in Kent?
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