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Spiritual & psychic medium Brenda Cottingham is based in Maidstone, Kent.There now follows a little text explaining
Brenda’s background…

“When did you know you were a Medium”? “What is it like”How long have you been a Medium? These
are just a few of the questions that I have been asked over the years and I hope that the following
texts answer some of them.
I was first aware of the spirit world from the age of 5, when I was woken one night to find a lady in a long dark dress which I now know was from about the late 19th century. Many years later I was shown a photograph of a lady who I at once recognised as the lady who came to me that night, I was told it was my Great Grandmother. With her she had a little girl of about my own age who was wearing a dark dress over which was a frilly white pinafore. She had a cascade of dark curls down her back. The lady explained that this little girl would be with me for a number of years and would help me and, although I could see her others could not.

The little girl told me her name was Adele and that she had lived many years ago. For some strange reason I didn’t think this was in any way odd and when I told my mother what had happened in the morning she just assumed I had an imaginary friend. Adele stayed with me and helped me through many troubled years.

Then when I was 16 my present guide introduced himself and has been with me ever since. I was giving one to one readings from my mid-teenage years but didn’t feel the need to progress. In the early 1980’s I went to a spiritualist church for an evening of clairvoyance. The medium, an elderly lady from Southampton came to me and said “You have the spirit of a nun with you who is a
Sister of Mercy”. “You are in the nursing field”. I told her that this was correct as I was nursing at that time. She then said “Spirit has great plans for you but they won’t happen yet but remember this God will only give you as much pain as you can endure Oh was she right.

Over the years I have had to endure a lot of pain due to various ailments. Then while in hospital in 2001 I was very ill and in
agony, one night a very sweet young nurse sat by my bed holding my hand and she said “God will only give you as much pain as you can endure”. Right away I thought back to the lady in the Spiritualist church who had given me that message. That night was a huge turning point for me and I fought with all my being and asked Spirit for help. And help was there. Recently Adele returned and when I asked why she was back she just said “for the babies that will be coming to you in spirit”.

My maternal grandfather always told me that we were from True Romany blood but mother would never admit it and said it was just one of “his fanciful stories”. And yet in 1976 when I was house hunting on the Suffolk/Essex borders my husband and I were in a public house one evening looking over the house details that we had been sent. We were seated at a large banquette style seat when the door to the bar opened. Even though it had been opening and closing all evening I was compelled to look up. I saw a very old man and his wife enter. As he came further into the room his head snapped around and he looked me in the eyes and nodded quickly then proceeded to the bar. I carried on looking at the papers in front of me and was then was aware of someone standing at the table. I looked up and it was the old gentleman. “Lady may we join you,” he asked. I said that of course he could. He and his wife sat down and looked at our papers and told us about the various villages the houses were in. Then my husband got up from the table and asked if he and his wife would join us for a drink to which he said “yes thank you governor “As my husband made his way to the bar the old man leaned across to me and said, “Does he know?” I asked “Does he know what?” to which he replied “You are one of us Romany and you have The Gift” I said that indeed my husband did know this. He then went on to say “Also I knew your ancestors. I was intrigued and asked which one. He said “Why Granny Doe of course. She used to be a healer, she spoke to those who had passed, she was a midwife and she laid out those who had passed. She used to travel all around Kent and Sussex in her horse-drawn caravan and in fact she saved my life. I asked how and he told me that when he was five…he was born in 1880 so was now 96…he was very ill and the members of his clan got the money together to take him to a doctor who diagnosed a brain disorder. The doctor told his parents there was nothing he could do for the boy and to take him home to die. As his parents arrived back at their encampment Granny Doe was just pulling in and said “I’ve been told I’m needed.” No one asked who had “told her” she took the boy to her caravan mixed up a poultice and placed it behind his ear. She changed the dressing three times a day for 5 days and on the 6th morning the abscess, which it had been, came to the surface and broke.
After telling me this story he said “As soon as I saw you I said to my wife “My, I know who she belongs to Granny Doe” He said I was the image of her although she was taller than me. Granny Doe was my Great Great Grandmother who was born around 1840.

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